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Enter some search parameters and AmatragePro finds Arbitrage opportunities from both Amazon to eBay and also from eBay to Amazon quickly and easily.

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New or Used Items

This is the entry screen

You can see that there are some general settings where you enter your search parameters……..
then click on “Search”……….it’s as easy as that!

and here is an example of the search results.

The left column are the Amazon results and the right column are the eBay results. You can choose the order in which they are displayed in the General Settings screen.

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I played with the AmatragePro software and all I can say is that it’s simply amazing! This is exactly what is needed to buy low and sell high. Using this software will take out hours and hours of endless searching and find profitable products for you within a couple of seconds.
This is Simply Amazing! Mike Chang
“This is a very cool little tool, easy to use, and it made me feel like I’m sitting in vegas in front of a machine hearing “ka-ching” each time I pressed the search button. Got me quite excited!”
Better Than Vegas! Lani So'o
Amatrage Pro is simple yet amazing. Software makes it really easy to find the numerous opportunities in the marketplace for ebay and amazon. Super short learning curve. Anyone with half a brain can spend an hour or two and find many ways to make extra money buying and selling.
Amazing! Cary

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is AmatragePro?

We’ve now made AmatragePro FREE FOR LIFE! So you get free lifetime access to this great arbitrage tool. Try it now!

How do I get access?

Simply add your details to the entry box on the main page and we’ll send you the password for access.

Is it easy to use?

Very easy. You only need a few search entry options and AmatragePro does the rest.